Frequently Asked Questions

Corld is a brand new social platform. Corld envisages a social world built upon collaboration, collectivity, co-creation and sharing economy. As a social platform, Corld is created with a simple philosophy in mind; “Life is best lived as a journey”. In order to realize such envision Corld embraces two unique concepts; “Journey” and “Cedium”. Journey is a visual collection of experiences, passions, interests, events, persons and so much more. As a concept and a feature Journey is the core of Corld. Just like a real life journey, Corld’s journey is the ultimate tool to realize collaboration, collectivity and co-creation in a social network. Corld users can share and explore life by creating their journeys or following other users’ journeys. The “Journey” system will give all Corld users an exceptional social networking experience by allowing total control on what to share, how to share and with whom to share.

Corld will build the future of social networking with a unique sharing economy model based on tokenization. Unlike established social networks which are beneficial only for the few who use personal data of many as commodities, Corld will share its economic value with all of its users. Both individuals and businesses will be able to use Cedium, which serves as the sole accounting unit of Corld, for all economic transactions made within Corld.

Since their dawn, social networks have brought billions of people together from all cultures, all ages, all backgrounds. They allowed us to explore entertaining, informative and inspiring ways of sharing life. The revolution of social networking has grown with the contributions of all those people who became a part of it and successful by offering opportunities to all people who used it.

Nevertheless, we see that today’s social networking is drifting away from its original purpose.

  • Once served to improve our lives, social networking has been increasingly associated with scandals around data abuse, fake news, privacy violations, complexity, ethics and social polarization.

  • Once used to feed creative minds, it now ends up being distracting them with irrelevant content.

  • Once created bridges between people, social networking has been becoming increasingly fragmented and centralized.

  • And once a symbol of equality, social networking has been treating our socially shared lives as commodities to create enormous wealth for the few.

The shift in social network evolution led to a significant amount of social networking enthusiasts to take refuge in closed groups and confine themselves to small circles when sharing and exploring life. But change is inevitable. There is no doubt that we all need a new social networking approach. That’s why we have founded Corld, a new social platform built upon collaboration, collectivity, co-creation and sharing economy. Corld will resolve the most common problems of today’s social networking by creating a futuristic approach based on these notions.

Corld differs from established social networks by philosophy, user experience and value proposition. Unlike today’s conventional social networking hubs, Corld envisages a collaborative world. As social entrepreneurs and professionals, we know for a fact that a collaborative world is emerging-mainly empowered by Gen Z- to unleash its potential. The future of social networking is collaborative in two main aspects: creating and sharing. Corld users create collaboratively and share collaboratively.

Today’s social networking has five common problems and Corld offers five solutions. Corld identifies these problems as lack of freedom, privacy, collaboration, relevancy and audience understanding.

Established social networking is gradually lacking freedom because users are encouraged to follow profiles rather than actual content. For instance, a user might be following another user for inspiring his or her interests and hobbies. Take motorcycling as an example. You might follow a user who is interested in motorcycling but since you are following a profile rather than the content, you have to consume other and irrelevant content besides motorcycling; the user’s cat, family or business life in this case. Corld is about freedom because it allows users to follow “Journeys” rather than the profiles. So with Corld, you will have full control on what to follow.

Established social networking lacks privacy because most social networks are not allowing their users to have full control on what to share. And when they do, it’s abundantly complex. Corld is about privacy because it gives full control on with whom to share. You can configure a Journey based on your privacy preferences. You may create journeys that can be seen by your selected audience only; be it your colleagues, family, elementary school friends, etc.

Established social networking lacks collaboration. There are so many things in life which are most enjoyed when collaboratively experienced. Name it fitness, shopping, working, anything you can imagine. You have fitness buddies in social life as well as shopping friends and working friends. It is really hard for you to create collaborative content with your friends in established social networks. Corld is about collaboration because it enables users and their collaborators to create content together in collaborative Journeys.

Established social networking lacks relevancy. Inspiration is contagious and whenever we find an inspiring content or experience we would like to explore more. It is in our nature. Yet, it is extremely hard to do that in established networks. Because you cannot easily connect with people who share similar interests with you. Corld is about relevancy and it allows users to discover people with similar interests. Thanks to its modular infrastructure you can follow interesting people and journeys with multiple aspects. For example, you can meet with people who are both dog lovers and art enthusiasts.

Established social networking lacks audience understanding. You may have thousands of followers in these social networks but what it really tells you? Corld is about understanding your audience. With Corld, you can acquire a complete breakdown of demographic and interest-based information about your followers.

Cedium is the Corld’s medium of exchange, which serves as the sole accounting unit of Corld platform. Cedium will be used for all economic transactions made within Corld. Both individuals and businesses will be able to use Cedium. Users can use Cedium to donate, view premium content of users or simply making economic transactions. Cedium will be listed in selected cryptocurrency exchanges as well.

Initial Cedium usage will be available for revenue items below;

  • Brand Sponsorships for multiple Journeys

  • Brand Endorsements for multiple Journeys

  • Premium Journey Revenues

  • Casual Brand Partnerships

  • Partnerships with Brands for in Brands’ Journeys

  • Ad Revenues of the ads shown in their Journeys

  • Ad Revenues of the ads shown in their Feed

  • Revenues from Corld’s Bespoke Brand Partnerships with Featured Users

Blockchain revolution created a whole new level of user engagement and integration. We do not see the token distribution event as solely a crowdfunding initiative. Corld takes its strength from its community first approach. We see our token holders not only our partners and investors but also the early adapters of our social platform. We want to build the future of social networking with everyone and TDE offers a perfect environment to do so.

You can participate our TDE through only! Do not trust any ETH and BTC addresses you might see on Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Bitcointalk, Instagram, Reddit or other channels. The only place where the real Corld ETH and BTC addresses will be visible is, once you are successfully verified. Use a private ERC20 enabled wallet like MyEtherWallet, Jaxx, Parity, Mist, MetaMask or private Bitcoin wallet like Arcbit, Mycelium or to send the funds to the contribution address found on our ICO platform. If you send Ethereum or Bitcoin directly from an exchange, your CEU tokens will most likely get lost.

Due diligence is our biggest priority in our TDE. KYC and AML will be obligatory for every user to participate.

Yes. Corld wants to engage its early adapters as soon as possible and both airdrops and bounties will serve this cause.

Pre-TDE will start on 5th of November and will last on 3rd of December. Token Distribution Event will start on 3rd of December and will last on 31st of December.

Cryptoinvestors from China and the United States of America cannot participate the token distribution event.

Pre-TDE Period: Nov 05 (GMT 10:00) - Dec 03 (GMT 09:59)

Pre-TDE Bonus:
30% during Nov 05 (GMT 10:00) - Nov 12 (GMT 09:59)
20% during Nov 12 (GMT 10:00) - Nov 19 (GMT 09:59)
15% during Nov 19 (GMT10:00) - Nov 26 (GMT 09:59)
15% during Nov 26 (GMT10:00) - Dec 03 (GMT 09:59)

TDE Period: Dec 03 (GMT 10:00) - Dec 31 (GMT 09:59)

TDE Bonus:
10% during Dec 03 (GMT10:00) - Dec 10 (GMT 09:59)
5% during Dec 10 (GMT10:00) - Dec 17 (GMT 09:59)
0% during Dec 17 (GMT10:00) - Dec 24 (GMT 09:59)
0% during Dec 24 (GMT10:00) - Dec 31 (GMT 09:59)

Referral Bonus: 5%

Cedium tokens will be distributed after the TDE.

Investors can store their Cedium tokens in their private ERC20 enabled wallet like MyEtherWallet, Jaxx, Parity, Mist, MetaMask.

Sharing Economy Model is a key pillar of Corld. Tokenization plays an integral part of this model. Unlike established social networks which are beneficial only for the few who use personal data of many as commodities, Corld will share its economic value with all of its users.

  As an ERC20 standard token, Cedium will be the sole medium of this model. Cedium will be used for all economic transactions made within Corld. Corld users will be able to obtain Cediums via Cedium Rewards Pool. 15% of total Cedium supply will be allocated to the Cedium Rewards Pool. One third of the Rewards Pool will be distributed to initial users and will continue to be distributed maximum equivalent of one third of the remainder per annum.

Cedium is an ERC20 token on Ethereum blockchain.

No, Cediums will be distributed after the ICO is completed.

You can trade your Cedium on the selected exchanges after the ICO completed.

The hard cap is 40,000 ETH. Total Token Supply: 400,000,000 CEU. Available for TDE: 160,000,000 CEU.

TDE Token Price: 1 ETH = 4,000 CEU

ETH and BTC are accepted.

Corld will be launched in the second quarter of 2019.

We are currently in development process of Corld. Corld will be open for beta testing in the first quarter of 2019.